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Bling for Women of Hopkins!

Congratulations to everyone who worked on the Women of Hopkins project! Everyone is welcome at the ceremony May 16, 3:30, Glass Pav.

Inclusive Excellence

WoHGllitter02Dominic and I have received the awesome news that the Women of Hopkins project will be recognized by a 2017 Diversity Leadership Council Award. We are humbled and thrilled by this recognition because it shines light on the true heroines in our community: the Women of Hopkins.

This art exhibit created by three engineers and a biophysicist grew out of a desire to expand the images about who we are and who we can become. Pictures can be remarkably persuasive in challenging entrenched stereotypes and can expand the dreams we all carry for ourselves and others. The accomplishments of the Women of Hopkins are models for us all because the barriers faced by many of these women were huge and could easily have prevented their success.

Yet they persisted.

We hope this award will inspire similar persistence and confidence in women at all stages in the pursuits of their goals.  Our challenge to all the young women as they…

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